All the Google Now commands compiled in a list



Google Now and Chrome’s conversational search have so many uses that it’s impossible to remember them all. So to make things easier, here is a whole list of all the commands I could find.



• Remind me to (task) at (time)
• Note to self (say note)
• Set alarm (time)
• Wake me up at (time)
• Call (contact or number)
• Text (contact or number) + (your message)
• Send email to (name, subject and message)
• Schedule (event) on (date)
• Listen to (song name)
• What’s this song (will listen and then give you info on it)
• What are the hours for (business)
• Navigate/directions to (place)
• How far is (place) from my location
• Where is (place/business)
• Nearest (place/business)
• Map of (place)
• Go to (URL)
• Navigate me home (will take you to the place you set as your home location)
• Show times for (movie)
• YouTube (your query)
• Google this picture


• What is the weather (today/tomorrow or future date)
• Do I need an umbrella (today/tomorrow or future date)
• Will it snow?
• Will it rain?


• When is the next (team) game
• How are (team) doing
• When do (team) play next
• Did (team) win their last game


• What time is it in (location)
• When is sunset/sunset
• When is daylight savings

Calculations & Conversions

• What’s (number) in (number)
• Convert (currency, length…etc) to (currency, length…etc)
• Any other sort of calculation and conversion


• Flight number
• Has (flight number) landed
• When will (flight number) land
• When will (flight number) depart


• Stock for (company)


• You can pretty much ask Google anything when it comes to general knowledge and facts, go ahead and try something as random as possible.
Pictures for (subject)

Easter Eggs

• Do a barrel roll
• Tilt
• What’s the loneliest number

• Tell me a joke


A chap by the name Kitze has built a site with a full and complete list with examples of almost every command for Google, click through HERE to see.